This blog started as a way to record things that have happened in my family. As my children grow, I am more protective of their privacy and tend to write less about that. Instead, I post about projects, recipes, books I’ve read, financial matters and sometimes news, in general. Every once in a while, I’ll mention something about my faith or spirituality. Although my Catholic faith is most important in my life, I am simply choosing not to focus on that in this space because I don’t consider myself an authority and those types of articles tend to initiate heated debates which I’d rather not use this space for, but you’ll see many references to it and the occasional post. There are tons of great blogs out there which do focus on faith, I read and enjoy plenty of them. I have been inspired by tutorials and innovative ideas on other blogs and I’m hoping to inspire others to try new things. I am painfully inept at decorating so if I can do it, anyone can.

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