Finding Cash!

Well, I fell about  $30 short of my “craigslist” goal in Jaunuary. As I wrote before, I’m totally fine with that. I still feel like I found about seventy bucks in the basement (selling things that I either didn’t purchase or that we haven’t used in YEARS). One thing that I sold this month was something that I was hoping to recover some value for but I’m satisfied with the transaction. It is still out of my house!On the other hand, and I’m not sure I mentioned this in detail, I’ve been paid a total of $43.00 for books that I’ve unloaded on Amazon. Not bad, considering 2 were books that I purchased to read myself and knew I wouldn’t reread. Another was one I picked up on the library cart for .50, intending to read it, then decided it was too depressing…sold that one for about $6 and the last was a copy of a book that’s near and dear to my heart….Real Learning, Education in the Heart of My Home by Elizabeth Foss. I picked it up at our local homeschool conference’s used book sale for $4 thinking that one of my homeschool friends could use it. Everyone was covered so I finally sold it. I was happy to pass it along for about $10. It is a treasure.

FYI, I’ve sold books on ebay’s “” and just recently started listing titles on Amazon. I think “half” only keeps a small percentage of the shipping fee, while amazon takes a small commission on the sale. I really think the exposure is better at amazon and I’ve had more action there.

It’s very easy to list books on both sites and hasn’t been a huge time investment.

I’m satisfied with my efforts to make some extra fun money selling things I’m no longer using. If anyone’s interested, I’ll post a few tips about selling books on Amazon or Ebay soon.

I’m also researching just doing it directly from my blog and adding a paypal or google checkout button. I have to look into that, though. The only benefit is avoiding the commission but I’m not sure you can’t beat the exposure on Amazon or Half. (I’m no “Pioneer Woman”)

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

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