How a Homeschooled Kid Likes Public School

Hannah’s about one month into her public school experience. As a homeschooler, I always wonder whether my children will be prepared for traditional school if they had to go. I always knew Hannah would do well in school and she is. I don’t take credit for it. I don’t not take credit for it. I just have always known that Hannah would meet challenges, rise to the occasion and do fine.Her core classes are math, science (physical science), social studies and language arts. She also has gym once a week (yes this is graded-not pass/fail-huh?). Finally, she has art every day (her major). She has A’s in almost everything. The one class that she doesn’t have an “A”, she set a goal to have an “A” by the end of the sememster and I’ve never known her NOT to meet a goal. She’s adapting fine to the commute (about an hour, give or take 5-15 minutes) and the LOOOOOOng day. She wakes up about 5:40, we leave the house by 6:55 and she doesn’t usually get home until 4:45.

She gets along great with everyone in her class. The junior-high boyfriend/girlfriend drama is starting already. Even though most of these kids have only known each other for a couple of weeks, they think they might be in love. Hannah’s a witness to all of this-not interested as of yet. I believe her.

There are some girls who openly discuss s*x and which boys they’d have it with (in 8th grade). Again, Hannah is appropriately offended by these types of conversations. It not only grosses me out and worries me but mostly makes me sad that young girls think they have to be this way to matter. Hannah doesn’t. The tricky part will be for Hannah to opt out of this type of conversation without being targeted as odd. We’ll see.

There you have it. Overall, it’s been positive for Hannah, with the exception of the odd happening here and there.

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