Junior Tennis~Congratulations Luke!

Our Adventures With Junior Tennis Continues….

I’ve posted before about Luke playing competitive tennis. Although he had a successful high school tennis season in the spring, most kids at this level are playing for national ranking.

He’s been on the radar (meaning he reached a national ranking) about 2 years ago, give or take.

Competing at this level is a grind. It takes endurance and discipline in so many areas. I don’t care what anyone says, tennis is the most demanding all-around sport physically and mentally.

Luke hit a rough patch this summer by not competing as well as he wanted to but he definitely has goals.

He’s had big wins in the past but hasn’t enjoyed that for a while. He mostly suffered some unexpected and disappointing losses. I spent plenty of time trying to convince him that every athlete has those and he should expect them throughout his tennis-playing days. In my view, they signal growth.

Last weekend he finally won a sectional tournament at his home club. It was nice for all of us because he has lost some heart-breakers at home, too.

Hannah asked me to record the last game of the first set which he won 7-5. He won the second set in a tie-breaker. Surprising since I call Luke the “King of Splits” meaning he plays a lot of 3rd sets.

I’m posting a video both because I’m proud and I think tennis is such a beautiful sport to watch at this level. True poetry in motion! This blog is also a good repository. If it’s here, it might not get lost.

Luke’s in the foreground with the darker hair.


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