More than a mini purge-FREEZER!

Ah, that felt good. I forgot to defrost our freestanding freezer this summer. You know how the time gets away from you. I was waiting for an above-freezing day to tackle it before the 50 lbs of grass-fed beef that we ordered is ready in January. New Year’s Day is supposed to be warm but I’m not sure what we’ll be doing so I went ahead and did it today. I did have to whip out the hair dryer to speed things along but it didn’t really take too much time. I ended up pitching some things (mostly leftovers and frozen grated zuchini) that I haven’t used and probably never will.

I’m not sure how this qualifies as simplifying except the purging part. Let me add that I’m considering purging the freezer altogether. I’ll decide about this after we use the beef. It’s an old freezer that a friend gave us and I’m thinking it has increased our electric bill significantly.

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