Selling Used Homeschool Books…An Update

Just to give you a little encouragement, I decided to report my earnings from selling used homeschool books. In the last 2 weeks of March, I earned almost $80.00. That’s after shipping and paypal fees. Not too bad, right?

If you are going to list on Cathswap (yahoo group), I have since realized there are a few guidelines including a list of publishers and titles which are prohibited because they are notoriously anti-Catholic. Also, there is a limit of 3 posts per day. I didn’t realize this and probably violated that rule but I’ll respect it next time I post.

People also post “Wanted to Buy” messages. This can be a good way to unload materials if you don’t feel like posting or just want to get your feet wet.

If you’re determined to sell anything in particular, I think it makes sense to post on Thursday or Friday. Also, you might want to repost to keep it high on the list. Posts get buried quickly.

A friend once gave me a good tip: books can be packaged in used paper grocery bags. It’s a good way to save on shipping cost and recycle. Unless the cost of standard shipping is within a few cents, I almost always ship items (permanently bound books, CDs and DVDs)”media mail”.

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