The Perils of Decluttering- Another Camcorder Update

I purged my camcorder a while back because the door was broken and I didn’t feel like investing the time, money and energy to get it fixed. A few months later, Mark asked about it. OOps, but he was ok with my explanation (see above). I think I purged it sometime in the early spring of 2010.I was sorting through a file box where I keep some important papers, household receipts, insurance policies and apparently, warranties. Can you tell where I’m going with this?It turns out, I likely wouldn’t have had to pay anything to have the camera repaired since it was still under the extended warranty that I bought with it. I wasted $50.00 on a warranty that I could have used and didn’t. I probably could have even gotten a refund (prorated) for the unused warranty but didn’t discover it until the warranty had expired.

When I think about it, I still wouldn’t have wanted to spend the time and energy to fix the camera but I would have and most likely would have tried to sell the camera afterward. Those tapes are cumbersome and now that the kids are older, I really don’t video tape that much. Most phones, ipods and Mark’s ipad has video capability so I’m only regretting my error a little.

What’s the lesson? Declutter so you know what you have. Would I rather have never remembered I had purchased an extended warranty? Maybe, but I think I learned something.

Have a good weekend.

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