The Word for Me

Remember at the beginning of this year when the blogosphere was abuzz with everyone choosing their word of the year? I hadn’t started a blog when I chose one, so I thought I’d post mine now.

I either didn’t hear about this last year or heard about it too late to be inspired to choose one. I have never been one to make resolutions. I do look forward to the change and momentum that a new year can bring but resolutions never, well, resonated with me.

But choosing a word really does motivate me. I considered about 4 seriously. I even had it narrowed down to 2 and almost hi-jacked Sarah’s word (discipline)-she made such a great case for it in her circumstances and Lord knows, I could stand a little more of it in my life. But then I realized that it wasn’t exactly what I needed to work on.

“Balance” was a possibility because I really think it’s necessary to peace. I’m mindful that balance is important in every endeavor. I didn’t choose this word, though, because I felt like other things needed to happen before I could really work on balance in all areas of my life.

“Patience” made the short list, who couldn’t benefit from a healthy dose of that? Again, I felt like there was a necessary precursor to this which, if not addressed, would set me up for failure. I don’t like to spin my wheels.

Finally, it was 100% clear. (Yes, I considered “clarity” but that’s not the word). “Simplify”. That’s it, that’s the one thing that I crave….simplicity. I didn’t choose “simplicity” because it doesn’t impose any action on my part, simplicity is sort of a state of affairs. “Simplify” is a command, but a gentle one. My friends know that I’m in a constant pursuit to pare down, dejunk, and clear my spaces. But I really don’t think I’ve been intentional about simplifying my life in other ways. I talk about it when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but it’s always been more of a reaction than a proaction.

I’m taking it one step at a time but really trying to think about simplifying everything, including meals and shopping, the kids’ school days, managing the house, making commitments, clothing, relationships, entertainment. It’s definitely a challenge especially since I’m only one of 6 people in the family and I can’t simplify without some cooperation on everyone’s part.

Surprisingly, the blog I started about simplifying is helping. It’s definitely keeping me accountable. I can even imagine quitting that blog some day when I’ve streamlined and might view it as an obligation or sabotaging my efforts to do so. For now, though, it’s been a good thing.

I’ll keep you posted on how my efforts to simplify are going.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak
-Hans Hoffman

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