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  1. Keri

    Hi, I just read the whole all-familiar story you wrote. I am happy you are recovered. I do have a question or 2. I had the same double knee injury on Nov 11, 2015. I was forced to recover for 22 days on the Ortho ward in my hospital here. I then got transferred to a rehab medical facility for 5 months, 1 week. I went home and still required a bit of help from a walker, and a commode in my bathroom for 30 days. I live in the basement, so the stairs were my therapy daily. More-so then the facility ever gave me (20-40 mins/daily, 4 days or 5 a week, depending on if the p/t staff had time or didn’t forget me -yes I am serious).

    I still have a bit less r.o.m. in my left knee. It also “cracks” like when you crack your knuckles, and aches… does yours? I think my fear of ever falling is the worst, than the initial occurrence. I was also “dropped” onto my busted knees in the E.R. after arriving from my accident, by an incompetent ER doctor after he insisted I was ok to be discharged and given a percocet…I kid you NOT!
    My PTSD is taking over my life….ice, rocky terrain, stairs w/ no double railing… does this happen to you?

    Thanks for your story, and I hope to talk w/ you more. Take care.

  2. Beth Post author

    Hi Kerri. I totally believe that you had inadequate therapy in a rehab facility and that the ER doc had no idea what he/she was looking at. Patellar tendon rupture is rare enough. Double is a unicorn (not in the good sense). The day my husband was in the ER (Tuesday), a good friend was in the building. She is the head of rehab and we were trying to get her input on the best surgeon since my husband’s living relies on use of healthy legs (he’s a tennis pro). The guy she was recommending wasn’t available until Thursday for a consult or surgery the following Tuesday. I was horrified that he would be in that much pain for so long and that he would spend a week in the hospital in his current state. She said, they’ll just send him home. We looked at her in horror and she tried to convince us that since he was a strong, slim, fit guy, he could manage with crutches or a walker. So I totally believe your story (luckily we didn’t wait for her surgeon rec and he had surgery the next day).

    I understand your fearfulness but my husband is the opposite. Sometimes I don’t think he’s careful enough. He also experiences more stiffness and cracking in his left knee. He still goes to therapy 3 days/week for about 3-4 hours. Luckily this happened at work and worker’s comp pays for everything and will continue until he’s released from therapy by the therapists and his surgeons.

    Did you get cadaver tendons? If so, I think you basically have bionic knees that will last longer than you. If they repaired with your own tendon, I still think they’re stronger than before so re-injury-especially if you’re not doing anything super risky like skiing, etc. Can you wear knee braces in situations that are dicey (ice, rough terrain) to give you more confidence and peace of mind? How did you injure your knees?

    If you can talk to your surgeon about your fears and prescribing more therapy to improve your range of motion and strength, that might help with your ROM and confidence. If you have access to a pool, that also might help. My husband does exercises on his off-days too so he basically rehabs 7 days a week and still is months away from returning to work. I think you might need more.

    Good luck to you. Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Mike Morris

    Hi, I too had a bilateral patella rupture and enjoyed reading this article. Its hard to find another person who has gone through the same thing. I am an Art teacher, football coach and girls tennis coach and found it interesting that your husband was a tennis pro. I was wondering how he was doing and what or how did he teach tennis with his injury? My injury occurred on December 4, 2016 while playing Volleyball. I would love to talk to him and you about some things.
    MIke Morris

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