Craig’s List-I LOVE YOU! (And some tips)

I’ve posted before about selling on Craigslist. It has its disadvantages for sure, but recently we’ve had some luck unloading some things. We finally sold 2 pieces of machinery + miscellaneous parts up in the mountains. On the home front, I sold a bench that I love but that I just don’t have room for any more.

Doesn’t it have a lovely shape? Even with the chips and scrapes, I sold it for a great price. The woman who wanted it needed it to be black and didn’t have time to paint it-so I did it for her. It was worth it.
What I love about listing things on Craigslist is that it takes very little effort to throw something on there and for the most part, forget about it. I love this particular piece enough that I would only let it go for a very high price (70% of its original price). I’ve mostly sold furniture pieces and have always been satisfied.
I have a few tips if you’re gonna try it:
1. Have a price in mind that you’d want to get for a piece and what you’d accept and be satisfied then list higher than what you’d like to get for it.
2.  List the terms of sale, pick-up, payment in the ad. This seems obvious but is easy to forget to say “cash only”.
3. Read up on scams, they usually involve someone offering to pay more by check or telling you to delist your item.
4. Be honest about defects. As you can see from the photo above, the bench has knicks and scratches and I included that information in the ad.
5. Minimize spam by insisting that responses to your ad include the date or some other specific piece of info in the subject line.
6. I always try to google names or email identities to determine if the person exists.
7. I’ve learned from experience say “first to get here with the cash gets it” but I’m always honest about others who are interested. In some cases, if someone doesn’t want to pay what I’m asking, I might tell them, I’ll get in touch if I’m willing to let the item go for what they’re offering. I don’t fake bidding wars.
Always use your judgment and every precaution before having a person come to your home. So far, I’ve never had an uncomfortable situation but you never know.

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