My goal for 2012 is to set some goals. I have NEVER been a goal-setter. I literally did not know what “goals and objectives” meant until a brainstorming session for my sorority in college.I realize a “to do” list is sort of like setting a goal and I do have a few of those floating around. But I think goal-setting is more specific.

I’ve never been a “resolution” person so I rarely tune in to all those conversations and tid-bits about sticking to them.

For the past 2 years, I’ve been choosing words for the year and I still think that practice can be effective. Not sure whether I want to choose a new word or continue to work on facing fears.

Mark is all for setting goals with me. I like the accountability of making some things public so I probably will share a few of those goals….boring things like “get a stove”, “paint basement”, “replace floor outside of bathroom”. None of which promises to inspire, but hey, who knows?

I would like to post more regularly. Partly because I enjoy the act of writing. My memory stinks so I hope to write about the family more (always a tricky proposition) and also post about projects. I’ve been inspired so much by DIY bloggers that I hope to do the same.


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