Happy Hugh Twyman Day!


Hugh and family with Pittsburgh City Council

No, really.

Today is Hugh Twyman Day in Pittsburgh. My brother received a proclamation from Pittsburgh City Council to recognize his 10 years blogging about and supporting local music through his photography and art work.

I really admire his persistence and dedication to the musicians. Pittsburgh has a lot of great talent and Hugh’s been tireless in recognizing that talent.

As a way to mark 10 years of Hughshows, he began a free family-friendly concert series the 2nd Saturday of every month at a local record (yes records) store in the Strip District. Since I don’t like to go out late at night, especially during the week, it’s given me a chance to see some of his favorite bands live.

As it turns out, Hugh has great taste in music. I was able to catch Cold Weather, Chet Vincent & The Big Bend, Western Pennsylvania, featuring Jeff Benton who nominated Hugh for the proclamation in a beautifully written letter to Hugh’s local councilwoman. I missed the Harlan Twins but my other brother, John was so impressed with them that I’ve been listening to the CD he bought and it’s great.

I was especially impressed by “Meeting of Important People” (MOIP), whose front man, Josh Verbanets is hugely talented and entertaining.

I have missed some of the other bands like Triggers, Molly Alphabet, The Hawkeyes, The Wheals, Brooke Annibale, Host Skull, The Lopez, Arlo Aldo, Dan Getkin & The Masters of American Music, among others.

If you live near Pittsburgh, there are 5 more HughShows X events at Eide’s. It’s a casual and inexpensive way to be exposed to and #SupportPGHMusic! The show on Saturday, August 9 features Balloon Ride Fantasy, Several Conclusions Action Camp and Essential Machine.

One surprise for me is how cool Hugh is behind the mic. He emcees these events, introduces each band member and includes some factoid about their musical career, preferences or feelings about Pittsburgh. Hugh’s intros are as entertaining as the bands themselves, partly because he knows them so well and has been following most of them (or as he says, “sticking a camera in their faces”) for years.

Today is also my mom’s birthday! She turns 74. Happy Birthday, Mummy, I love you.



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