Hannah and Kate at the brook

(The girls will kill me that I chose this outdated photo but I love it!)

Hannah and Kate have been away all week and I just plain miss them!

Hannah is on her annual summer visit with my aunt who lives near Gettysburg. Kate was invited on vacation with my brother and his family and her bff cousin-LUCKY! Actually, my brother offered to take any 2 of my children but for many reasons, Kate drew the long straw.

It has been quiet around here and I’ve been able to get a few things done but I’ll be so happy when we’re all under the same roof. I wrote about how much I missed Mark when he was away for just one night. I knew that the end of the school year would have the children flung all over. I had visions of super-productive days with me finishing lots of projects. That didn’t happen but like I said, I am getting some things done and enjoying the break in running around getting this one here and that one there. Not making the trip to pick Hannah up at the bus in the afternoon has made it feel like I have HOURS to prepare dinner.

I feel like bread without butter, a ship without a sail, a dog without a tail (one that’s supposed to have a tail), peanut butter without jelly, macaroni without the cheese….you get the idea.

Have a great weekend.

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