Summer’s Here!

Inspired by other bloggers and armed with a few paint chips, I decided to put together our own “intentional summer” list. I thought I had a sheet of clean poster board but couldn’t find it. Then I spotted this half piece that I painted a test color for the girls’ room. I thought it looked summery so I wrote right over it. I’m not advocating raiding the paint department for paint chips for this project but you probably have a few laying around. It cheerifies the poster.

We likely won’t get to all of the things but we’ll do a lot of them and I’m o.k. with that. Summer is about dialing back for me and I try to let the kids enjoy a little laziness of summer.  I have a vivid memory of waking up on the first day after school was out with the sun streaming in, a slight breeze blowing the curtains, a lawnmower buzzing somewhere in the neighborhood and being so happy to have the whole, open day ahead of me. I want the kids to enjoy that, too which is why I won’t be obsessing over checking off the list. It will just be fun to see how many we can check off. Since we homeschool, some things will be better left for the first few days of September when everyone else is back in school.

I’m linking to Chris’ “Show and Share” day at “Just a Girl”. Check it out. People have some GREAT ideas and Chris’ blog is really beautiful, too.

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