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Happy Spaghetti Wednesday!

spaghetti dinner night before Thansgiviing

KIds Eat First

I posted last year about my family’s Thanksgiving tradition that we call Spaghetti Wednesday. I thought I’d take some time to explain what it is, how it started and why it’s been such a great tradition for all of us that we all love.

When Mark and I bought this house more than 18 years ago, we were both working and not unlike many new couples, spent most of our holidays running around. It wasn’t only his family and my family, it was his family, then my dad, then on to my aunt’s house where my brothers and I always ended up to relax and laugh with our closest cousins. Since my mom would usually be there, that’s where I typically saw her.

The first year in our new house, I thought it might be nice to have my side of the family over the night before Thanksgiving so Mark and I  had less running around to do on the actual holiday. Seeing my family the night before Thanksgiving would eliminate the running on Thanksgiving day. My side of the family wasn’t really adamant about anything, though they wanted to see us and we wanted to spend time with them. If everyone came to my house the night before Thanksgiving, I could see my brothers, mom, dad and stepmom the night before Thanksgiving, have dinner with Mark’s family on Thanksgiving day then head down to my aunt’s after dinner to hang out with the cousins.

My family's night-before-Thanksgiving tradition

Hanging out and visiting

My side of the family was all for it. Since most of my brothers were still single their only plans were meeting friends out for the biggest bar night of the year but dinner didn’t interfere with that.

I debated for weeks about what to serve and decided that spaghetti and meatballs was easy and everyone could easily contribute a component of the meal…salad, bread, appetizer and dessert. The spaghetti and meatballs part is so easy to make ahead.

As we’ve added spouses and children to the mix, we’ve grown beyond the dining room table and serve the dinner buffet style now.

Those cousins that we grew up with have been joining us for dessert for the past 5-10 years because it’s just easier for their families, too.

My mom now lives a few houses away, so she hosts dessert which gives me and Mark a chance to clean up, visit with everyone as guests and go home when we’re tired.

It’s been great for all of the brothers and their spouses who appreciate spending time together and being able to spend Thanksgiving with one family. It just makes the day easier for everyone.

I tell everyone about this tradition and so far, it hasn’t taken hold. One day it will and I hope to get the credit. You can thank me later.

So, Happy Spaghetti Wednesday everyone! Be safe!