"Tell Your Time"-A Review

“Tell Your Time” by Amy Lynn Andrews is a straightforward, easy-to-implement guide to time management. I first read this ebook last spring before I was committed to blogging consistently so I didn’t bother to write about it then. I thought now would be a good time to tell you about “Tell Your Time”.

First, I love clever titles. Well done, Amy! It kind of goes along with Dave Ramsey’s advice to tell your money what to do. The title of this ebook suggests that you control your time.

Amy’s approach to this topic is thorough without bogging you down in details. It’s basically a 4 step plan which results in a general block schedule that works for you. The ebook is a quick read which is easy to implement. The website dedicated to the book also has free worksheets to help you put your personalized plan into action.

Amy includes her personal entries on the worksheets to give a clear example of how to fill them out. I found this to be helpful. While I’ve always wanted to write down my overall goals and values, I’ve found the task to be overwhelming so many attempts have fizzled.

First she suggests that you identify your roles (spouse, parent, employee, volunteer, caregiver, etc) and your goals for each of those roles. Next you identify tasks or activities necessary to achieve the goals. Put those tasks on a grid (thoroughly explained in the ebook). Finally you schedule them.

Writing down your goals and activities related to those goals may not be new to you. Likewise, scheduling the tasks you do on a daily or weekly basis may not be new to you. The genius in Andrews’ method is that combining these steps, helps you identify your values, list the goals and activities which support those values and prioritizing the activities on your schedule . Her method is a great tool to stay mindful of what’s most important to you and your family. Hopefully, it will help you prune those things which aren’t in line with your values, roles and goals. For that reason, I wouldn’t skip the steps. You’ll be glad you took the time to jot a few things down for each of the categories she suggests.

Once I’ve used this system for a few weeks, I’ll post a follow up. I also intend to encourage Mark and the kids to try it. I admit, it’s ambitious to expect the kids to try (Role: Kid, Brother, Player…) but it might appeal to some of them. I can always force them to, right?

The weekend is a perfect time to read it and plan your schedule.

Have you read the ebook? Any success? I’d love to hear about your experience with it. Strangely, I enjoy talking about ways to manage time-but I stink at it.

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