Us, too (St. Andrew Novena)



St. andrew


We’ve been praying this for about 4 years. I love the calm cadence of this prayer. Somehow,  the words make it very easy to meditate on circumstances of the Nativity. One of the kids made a chaplet similar to the sliding St. Terese’ sacrifice beads and sometimes we still use that to keep count of the 15. One of my favorite things is to begin the final chaplet on the way to midnight Mass and finish it on our way out in “piercing cold”. I’d love to hear stories of answered prayers. Join Elizabeth if you have any. Or you can comment here, too.

One thing I love about St. Andrew is that as an apostle of St. John the Baptist, he met Jesus before his brother, Peter. Having recognized him immediately as the Messiah, he introduced Peter to Jesus yet he must have humbly accepted Peter as the one chosen to lead the Church. I could be wrong, maybe Andrew did have a temper tantrum over it but I’m thinking not. Refreshing.


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