2012 was a hard year but a lot of good things happened, too.I’m never ready to start the new year fresh on January 1. It takes me about a month to decide what I might want to work on or toward. I also like to clear some clutter and organize. I hope to write more in the new year but never at the expense of living in the moment. I hope to post about my mom’s big move, becoming rental property owners, my experience with designing an IKEA kitchen and some other things that happened in 2012. But for now, I wanted to get my Christmas post off the top of the home screen.

For the 2nd year, we rang in the new year with friends whose son played basketball and baseball with Luke. Even though they don’t have other children the same age as mine, everyone loves their company. They are fun and laid back and bring the most genius game ever invented based on NCAA basketball. It takes concentration, luck and the tiniest bit of strategy. Chris (the mom) won it all with her favorite team, Penn State, on Dec 30. I never thought I’d witness a person win the championship. I won it all with Holy Cross on Dec 31! Winning the Championship is rare so it was fun for both of us to do it in the same weekend.

Here are some images from our snowy few days there…..

Our neighbor cleared our lane so we could get up the driveway but by Sunday morning, the drifts covered it again. He ended up clearing it 2 more times.
Games all weekend
We also brought my niece who was great company, too
Mark and Adam bundled up to play. The temp was 5 degrees plus the wind
Kate and Mae practiced ping-pong all weekend. They decided they didn’t like to vs each other.
Ok, this is just a view from the kitchen table into the living room. We have moved and purged furniture a few times to open up the space and to make it as functional as possible. We talked about building a breakfast bar where this table is but I think this works better. Mark’s dad built this little table which doubles as a super uncomfortable high, straight-backed bench.
Our neighbor really made it possible for us to get up there. 
Before the draft. I think this was the game I won. I had a good feeling about this game when I picked Holy Cross (randomly out of the bag). My dad wanted me to go there and loved the school. He used to play them when he played for Duquesne. I just missed a scholarship when a recruit who had initially turned one down changed her mind at the last minute-at least that’s what the coach told my dad but I really wasn’t good enough to play D1. It would have been hard for me to go there-even with a scholarship, so things worked out. As a side note, I played Duquesne as a non-conference game in my schedule-so I was feeling good about winning it all.
Adam is like a polar bear cub in the snow
Sorry about the goofy look on Luke’s face someone’s eyes were closed in all the other photos
Happy New Year…I HOPE!

3 thoughts on “WELCOME 2013!

  1. Kel

    Wonderful post, Beth. The photos are so fun and it looks like you captured so much of the time spent there. I love it.
    Here’s to a healthy and happy 2013 for your family.

  2. Beth

    Aw, Kelly, you are so nice to check up on my little blog every once in a while. We were all excited to see a certain banjo player in the paper this week! Happy New Year to your family!

  3. Kel

    Thanks, Beth. I love reading what you write.
    Yea, those kids attract every photog that comes through the place. ha ha

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