Selling Used Homeschool Books-(Another Update to encourage you)

I did not sell these….they were donated to the library years ago

I thought I’d give you another update on my efforts to unload homeschool books that we no longer need. If you’re like me, you want to know what your efforts might be worth. If you’ll remember, the last 2 weeks in March, I earned about $80.00. Last week, I sold a couple of books on Amazon and earned about $38.00 after postage. I also sold a few things on Cathswap for a total of about $90 after postage. Not too bad. The one item I sold on Cathswap was brand new, still in the shrinkwrap and I actually took about a $20 loss on it. But I purchased it 2 years ago at a conference and was having no luck selling it locally or for more, so I’m fine with it.

The other sale was a bundle of books that I didn’t think would be very valuable individually and would have been a pain to mail separately, so that worked out. They’re all good resources but I doubted I’d be reading them again.

By the way, I am keeping good records of everything I sell. I don’t expect to earn enough to owe taxes but just in case, I don’t want to be scrambling to recreate the information. If you’ll be selling lots of books, you might consider doing the same and keeping the receipts from the books you purchase. I did that for a long time then quit but I’ve purchased a lot of books on Amazon and it has a record.

So, have you tried it yet? I’d love to hear your best tips for selling used homeschool books (or anything).

*DISCLOSURE: The Amazon link in the post takes you to my Amazon store. If you purchase any of the books in my store, I receive the proceeds of the sale less any commissions collected by Amazon. If you click the sidebar and purchase any of the books through those links, you will not pay extra and I’ll receive a small commission from Amazon. No worries, I’m not expecting to get rich this way. I just love books and love to share my favorites.

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