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Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson Alzheimer's

Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s and Other Dysfunction

I discovered "The Model Health Show" hosted by Shawn Stevenson after I heard him interviewed about his own health journey on another podcast.

Stevenson is knowledgeable and dives deep into the science of common health issues to inform people and encourage them to make health (and sleep) a priority.

Dementia is an issue that's personal to so many of us. My aunt was never formally diagnosed but I experienced the fallout and devastation of her brain dysfunction first-hand. I have no doubt that certain areas of her brain were damaged by plaque, stroke, chemo or something. 

I had never heard about a possible connection between Alzheimer's and insulin resistance. Could Type II diabetes have contributed or caused my aunt's problem?

Dr. Steven Masley makes a convincing case for it in this episode and offers suggestions to minimize, reverse or prevent the condition.

The interview alone is eye-opening and convincing but I'm anxious to read his book, The Better Brain Solution, available today (Jan 2, 2018). 

I'll let you know what I think of the book.

I have a few go-to podcasts that I love. I gravitate toward the topics of business, creativity, productivity, human behavior, brain stuff, personal development, technology, self-care and writing. If you have any suggestions for episodes or shows that fit those categories or something else interesting , I'd love to hear about them.