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Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson Alzheimer's

Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s and Other Dysfunction

I discovered "The Model Health Show" hosted by Shawn Stevenson after I heard him interviewed about his own health journey on another podcast.

Stevenson is knowledgeable and dives deep into the science of common health issues to inform people and encourage them to make health (and sleep) a priority.

Dementia is an issue that's personal to so many of us. My aunt was never formally diagnosed but I experienced the fallout and devastation of her brain dysfunction first-hand. I have no doubt that certain areas of her brain were damaged by plaque, stroke, chemo or something. 

I had never heard about a possible connection between Alzheimer's and insulin resistance. Could Type II diabetes have contributed or caused my aunt's problem?

Dr. Steven Masley makes a convincing case for it in this episode and offers suggestions to minimize, reverse or prevent the condition.

The interview alone is eye-opening and convincing but I'm anxious to read his book, The Better Brain Solution, available today (Jan 2, 2018). 

I'll let you know what I think of the book.

I have a few go-to podcasts that I love. I gravitate toward the topics of business, creativity, productivity, human behavior, brain stuff, personal development, technology, self-care and writing. If you have any suggestions for episodes or shows that fit those categories or something else interesting , I'd love to hear about them.

Kelauni Cook Going Deep with Aaron Watson

Tech, Crypto, Blockchain with Aaron Watson and Kelauni Cook

Aaron Watson is a podcaster from Pittsburgh so I’m probably biased.

Watson’s interview with Kelauni Cook is upbeat, inspiring, smart and incredibly engaging. Her enthusiasm for tech made me want to learn how to code!

Kelauni skipped from one impressive experience to the next after graduating from college. She realized in hindsight how valuable it was.

Cook was a member of the inaugural cohort for Pittsburgh’s first coding academy. She landed a job as a junior developer at the Washington Post upon completing the program and started Black Tech Nation, dedicated to diversity in tech through training. She’s also an instructor at the bootcamp.

What I loved most about this interview is Kelauni’s unique, non-linear path to coding and her enthusiasm for the future. Specifically how blockchain technology will change everything.

As a sidenote, I was interested in Kelauni’s journey to and through Academy Pittsburgh, the region’s first coding bootcamp. Although it has a rigorous application process, it’s an intensive, tuition-free training model. Graduates pay a percentage of their income for a limited time when they secure a job.

This learn-first, pay-when-your-training-helps-you-land-a-job model is being employed by more start-ups and academies and will disrupt the traditional 4 year, overpriced, college model.

Look for more opportunities like this in areas other than tech.


Shawn Stevenson Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger Hack Your Sleep

Shawn Stevenson on the Art of Charm

Shawn Stephenson has a compelling story that starts with a freak injury while sprinting in high school (likely caused by poor nutrition) and culminating in taking charge of his health to repair his spine after years of debilitating pain, a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and massive weight gain. I'll admit that I cringed hearing about how he broke his hip just running since I worry about all the junk food my kids eat now that they're older. 

I am convinced after listening to Stephenson on the Art of Charm that lack of quality sleep is key to so many health problems and addressing the issue (he offers solid strategies in his book "Sleep Smarter")* would help people lose weight, cure chronic pain and live better overall.

It's not easy to make sleep a priority which is surprising because it feels so great. 

Sleep Smarter Shawn Stephenson

Not only did I buy the book but have recommended it to friends since it covers a variety of issues that arise from a lack of sleep.

Stephenson is the host of his own podcast where he dives deep into some of the fascinating information that he touched on in this interview.  I never knew that the lymphatic system is triggered by movement and helps cells eliminate waste and debris. Should have learned that in biology but didn't remember it. Also, sleep helps to decrease the production of stress hormones. 

I've been listening to the Model Health Show, too and will be sharing some of the better episodes here, too. 

Even if you're not interested in buying the book, catch this episode. It's entertaining, informative and Stephenson's story is almost miraculous.

I rate this episode 5 out of 5 stars. The information is supported by Shawn's research, knowledge base and practice. The story is compelling and Jordan conducts a top notch interview.

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