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Education Revolution!

Sir Ken 2-2Welcome to Day 16 of write31days. Over the hump, so to speak. For this installment of 31 days of Great Ted talks, I have to bring Sir Ken Robinson back for an encore.

Though this presentation isn’t as popular as the first, it is just as poignant and urgent.

Robinson argues that we should revolutionize our model of education rather than reform it (which he views as “simply improving a broken model”).

This isn’t about “privatizing”. I believe public education is already privatized (public money going to huge corporations that control everything in the form of textbooks, testing, testing prep, “technology”, supplies, constant assessment of students, evaluating teachers, food service, “health” initiatives and all manner of “consulting” costs and “studies” before any program, facility or change is implemented).

Recorded around 2010, the exponential infiltration of new technologies affecting nearly every industry and disrupting linearly-oriented institutions make Robinson’s argument even more relevant and urgent. The idea that there’s one linear path to “success” and anyone who takes it will be secure is laughable and irresponsible today-yet that’s how schools prepare students for the world.

Adopting Robinson’s suggestion would allow teachers to teach in the way they are wired and most gifted, instead of conforming to a standardized format. Maybe it’s impossible but worth trying.


Sir Ken Robinson

In case you haven’t seen one of the most-watched TED talks of all time, I’m kicking off my own 31 Day 2015 Series with the one and only, Sir Ken Robinson.

Sit back and treat yourself to 10 minutes of entertaining and inspiring commentary from a global thought leader in education. (If nothing else, enjoy the British accent).

If you’re a reader, his books are as engaging as his presentation. He gives solid anecdotes to support his points and draws from stories about people both famous and not.

I read “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything”  and “Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative“. You should be able to find both in your library system.

Sir Ken Robinson quote Ted Talk


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