Hannah birthday photo

She’s 16 and She Truly is Sweet!

Hannah birthday photo

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Year Old!

(I really did write this on Hannah’s birthday (September 11) but got distracted by the day, which is ok because it was all about Hannah. She competed in the sectional tournament for tennis. The tournament started on her birthday and ended the next day and she is SECTION CHAMP! So proud of her and how she carries herself and how nice she is to all of her opponents and coaches. The coach’s wife told me that a player from another school told her how nice Hannah is and how the other girls across the section appreciate how nice she is). I would consider that a shameless brag except it’s truly how Hannah was born…….16 years ago! AACK!

Happy Birthday to Hannah! This birthday is especially sweet since Hannah’s back home with us after spending 2 years at a performing arts high school. She counted the hours that she spent on a bus over those two years and it equals about 1 1/2 months of her life. I say it’s more like 3 months since I only counted waking hours. Either way, it was a lot of time and we both appreciate how much more of it she has now.

This kid continues to blow me away with her confidence, her resourcefulness, her sweetness and her maturity. She’s still fun and joyful as ever.

I think I’ve bragged about her plenty in this space. If you don’t remember, you can read about her here, here, here and here.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, if that’s true, this girl has painted billions. Photography has turned into her primary passion thanks to my mom who gave her her first camera as a birthday gift. I was too practical to get one for her since I already had a point-and-shoot. Shame on me. I’ll leave you with some of her recent projects and photos.

Luke forehand

Mount Lebanon B16 Champ


Rafa Cincy Tennis

Western & Southern Open Champ


Bishop Canevin Boys Soccer

Aiden C header


dancers at Lincoln Park

Photo shoot with dancers at Lincoln Park


Kayla portrait

Kayla’s one of Hannah’s best shoots-always.

Happy Birthday Hannah!


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